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Unity Auditing

Tel: +971 6 564 3071 | Mail:

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Audit & Assurance

Our Assurance professionals gather information during an audit to understand fully our client's business, internal controls and risk spectrum. Before making audit decisions, we conduct objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews. Our methods help our clients meet the growing demand for enhanced disclosure and accountability. We work closely with our clients, yet independently, and encourage open communication.

Our audit goes beyond testing transactions and balances to providing insights that help our clients better understand their business.


Our Assurance services include:

  Statutory & financial statement assurance

  Group reporting 

  Quarterly reviews 

  Pension scheme audits 

  Grant audits 

  Regulatory reporting assurance 

  Completion accounts

  Revenue assurance 

  Share-based remuneration accounting

  Internal audits

  Compliance audits


  GPA audits for couriers

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